Our courses are based on a standard 16 week, 5 hours per week framework.  This equals 80 hours of learning time which is similar to a regular school's semester schedule.  However, not all students "fit the mold" of a regular student so we provide flexibility.  While we want students to complete all the work and to earn the best grade possible, we want to meet individual needs too.  These needs might include:

  • A student who just wants to earn a D to get high school credit
  • A student with limited time to complete the course
  • A student with extenuating circumstances that do not allow completion of all assignments
As we work with a student to develop their Course Success Plan prior to their starting the course, we will determine their needs and make a schedule that will work for them.  Some alternatives may include:
  • Limited coursework so the student is faced with just the amount of work needed to earn the desired grade
  • Accelerated coursework allowing a student to finish significantly sooner
  • Alternative coursework that still meets course requirements 

The alternative coursework option is good for students who are involved in school or personal activities that can be integrated into the course.  An example might be a student who does community service for their church.  We would work to see how those activities can "substitute" for required coursework.  

For more information, e-mail: contactus@hsonlinelearning.com