The courses use a 16 week schedule with the work for each week averaging 5 hours. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and can move along as quickly as they choose after week 5. They should never get more than two weeks behind on their pace chart. Once a student is two weeks behind, parents and/or the school counselor will be notified. The student will create a catch up plan which outlines their work schedule for the next three weeks, with the goal of getting caught up during that time.

Work will be graded within 72 hours with current grades available online any time. Grades will be posted as a percentage so the parent or school can determine the letter grade based on the percentage.

The instructor will return e-mail within 24 hours and students are also expected to reply to instructor e-mails within that timeframe. The instructor will provide instant messaging access during office hours to answer questions, provide guidance, etc…. The instructor will be available via phone on a scheduled basis.

The courses use FREE online resources such as Google applications, Open Office software and a variety of online tools. In most cases students are required to use the recommended software and applications since the course activities will be written based on those and instruction cannot be provided for other applications.


  • A modern” computer (2 GB RAM, 200 GB hard drive, recordable CD/DVD) 
  • Headset and webcam (recommended but not required) 
  • High speed Internet access (recommended but not required) 
  • Google account 
  • Instant messaging and communications accounts (Microsoft Live and Skype)

For more information, e-mail: